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Learn how to manipulate the most important variables in your training to build muscle as fast as possible. Ten chapters of actionable info.

The experience-based guide for improving pectus excavatum. Learn proper strength training, stretching, and mobility techniques for pectus.

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Muscle Manual

Chapter 1: The 3 Triggers For Muscle Growth
Chapter 2: Major & Minor Training Variables
Chapter 3: Application of Major Variables
Chapter 4: Application of Minor Variables
Chapter 5: Single-Joint vs. Multi-Joint Exercises
Chapter 6: Fatigue
Chapter 7: Effective Range of Motion
Chapter 8: Mind-To-Muscle Connection
Chapter 9: Nutrition, Recovery, and Growth
Chapter 10: Putting All Of This Into Action

Free Download

Pectus Handbook

This 50 page E-book will guide you through everything you need to know about pectus excavatum. Learn how severity is assessed and what the Haller index is. Determine whether you should seek treatment through surgery or the vacuum bell (a non-surgical tool). Learn how to put together an exercise routine to help improve posture, strength, and muscle growth without making your pectus worse. Begin building a personalized nutrition plan with specific calorie and macronutrient recommendations for muscle growth. And learn a bit more about my backstory and how I overcame pectus excavatum, so that you can do the exact same thing.


Section 1: Facts About Pectus Excavatum
Section 2: Treatment - Surgery
Section 3: Treatment - Vacuum Bell
Section 4: Exercises For Pectus Excavatum
Section 5: Nutrition
Section 6: Action Plan
Section 7: My Pectus Journey

Pectus Handbook