Working out after the Nuss Procedure

Putting metal bars in your chest is no small feat and the first thing you may be wondering (I know I was) is how long will it be for me to get back to normal?

I have a new YouTube video going in-depth on this topic, discussing the post-op limitations for the first 3 months after surgery and the gradual reintroduction of all forms of exercise and sport. (Link in profile)

For me, it was 3 months out of the gym completely and then another 3-4 months before I was back to full strength.

By the 9-month post-op mark pretty much all of my pain had disappeared when performing any exercise (pull-ups, deadlifts, and rows were the hardest to shake) and a year later I could pretty much forget that the bars even existed.

It may seem like a long wait on paper, but I can assure you as I sit here 11 years after the fact, it was well worth it.

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