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The individuals that have made this list are a small subset of the top performers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They come from all types of backgrounds, have many different goals, and have made their physical fitness a priority. They made the choice to dig in, do the work, and reap the rewards. Will you be next?


New york

When I first met Kyle Blandford, I actually thought his last name was rather descriptive of him (bland). I was a 160 lb man who could barely bench 135 lbs. Needless to say, I was definitely ready to strut my acumen in front of a man I deemed a ‘chump.’ I begrudgingly signed up for a session with Kyle despite my inward belief that this ‘chump’ was going to give me a cookie cutter plan and then I could leave him in the dust.

Looking back, I was a moron.

Kyle asked me a lot of questions that day. Hard questions. He wanted to know what drove me, he wanted to find that particular pressure point that would keep me coming back and pushing through. And then it was simple. He wrote me a workout based on what I wanted and left me alone with it. I think he knew that I was the type of person who had to do it myself and for myself. We’ve done this for 6 months now.

At this point I can talk about the results and give you some sort of spiel that Kyle is a freaking genius or that he is a muscle magician. I did gain 30lbs of muscle, I did add 80 lbs to my bench and I did go through a whole body transformation that is light years from where I was before I met him, but that’s a symptom of his real genius.

Kyle is a lot of things, and trust me, I call him every name in the book. But he’s none of the harsh names I’ve ever called him while pushing through my final rep.

Kyle is a maximizer of talent. Kyle focuses on you as a person, hones your points of emphasis, and designs your transformation on what will keep you motivated. You can waste your time with the “cheerleader trainer”, the “drill sergeant trainer”, or the “out of shape trainer” which is the archetypes you see at the gym today, but I suggest you work with Kyle. Your body and your motivations are unique to you, and that’s exactly what Kyle will design for you.

Also, Kyle has very little respect for how much you dislike leg days and when he gives you two leg days per week, make sure you give him the middle finger. I’d like to believe that’s how he gauges me sticking to his program.

In all seriousness, Kyle is a great thinker, trainer, and friend. And I think we can all agree that he owes me a free session for writing this many words about him.



New york

I began weight training when I was a junior in college with programs and techniques that I learned from friends and the internet. I would try program after program with minimal strength and size gains over months and even years. After 4 or 5 years of lifting I believed I was an expert and just thought it was my genetics that was limiting my progress. I would constantly see others at the gym gain the strength and size that I envied. One day I decided to stop letting my pride hinder the progress that I have always wanted. I asked Kyle to aid me in creating a program that would help me gain both size and strength. What I got was the most fun and exciting plans that I have ever done.

Kyle quickly showed me that I was nowhere near the expert I thought I was. He put in a lot of things that I had never attempted before. He detailed everything from the structures of the workouts, rep ranges, tempos, and even some exercises that I had never seen. Each exercise has a specific purpose towards your goal and he has the knowledge to explain why he put it in your routine.

The times that I worked out in person with Kyle were eye opening. He would tweak a little motion or body position and it would completely change the whole feel of the exercise. He would give amazing tips on exercises to help pull heavier weight. Something Kyle said to me when we first started working together was “If you want to get bigger you have to move bigger weight” and that has stuck with me ever since.

In less than a year of working with Kyle I have started to gain the size and strength I have always wanted to achieve. In the picture on the left I was 155 lbs and, now I’m sitting at 178 in the picture on the right (both at the same percentage of body fat!). I have been able to hit personal bests on exercises over and over again. Deciding to work with Kyle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made towards my fitness goals. I will continue to work with him in setting and accomplishing any future fitness goals.



New york

As a former D1 athlete with ample training experience I was reluctant to seek out a personal trainer. While at first, only interested in knowing my body fat percentage, I decided to meet with Kyle to discuss my goals and what I was hoping to accomplish. I was bored with my routine and results. Kyle quickly assessed my capabilities and challenged my previous methods. My goal was to transform body composition while revitalizing my routine. We agreed to a four week trial.

Kyle customized a four-week program to include Weights, Cardio, and Nutrition. He also provided useful apps and information regarding nutrition and the management of calories. All of this was available to me in real-time while working out.

I followed the program exactly and achieved outstanding results!!! We agreed to another four week cycle. If I disliked a particular lift or needed a change Kyle was able to quickly provide alternatives solutions and modify the program instantly to reach the same desired goals. After I got to know Kyle a bit this process would gradually evolve to the ongoing seamless, interactive program.

The results were immediate! I feel great; have more energy; am stronger; all while creating better symmetry and balance. Overall, Kyle was able to provide a tailored, flexible, and interactive coaching experience that greatly helped me to achieve my goals.

In the 8 weeks between pictures, I dropped my body fat percentage from the low 20s to 10%!!!



New york

Working with Kyle has not only transformed my body, but my entire approach to fitness and health.

Kyle's knowledge is unmatched and, as a result, I'm stronger and more explosive than I've ever been.

Kyle's individualized approach perfectly fit me and ensured I would enjoy training. He made it easy to overcome mental blocks to success.

One key aspect Kyle reinforces is - hard work - the common denominator of fitness success.



New york

I started working with Kyle in August of 2015. I was 5 months out from having undergone the gastric sleeve to help better control an endocrine disease that I have. I was 325 pounds before surgery and am now 230lbs. By the time I began working with Kyle, I had already lost 40 pounds. The trainer that I was with had to leave which is how I met Kyle. He was new to the gym so I was one of his first clients. Little did we both realize what kind of journey we were beginning.

I trained with him 2 days a week for the next 11 months. Each week he would increase the amount of work I would do. One thing I love about working with Kyle is how he would take my personal situation into account and never treat me as just another client. He knew how far to push me and when it was time to step back and reorganize our workouts. He has a way of holding you accountable but not make you feel like a horrible person if you slip up or don't follow through. Having broken my back in 2009, we would run into injuries at times, and he would just revamp the workouts and help me get past the injury. He also helped to show me the proper way to do different exercises to avoid those injuries! I can now Deadlift 245lbs, Squat 155lbs, and Bench 100lbs!

I have lost 100lbs since I began my journey in 2015 and just had skin removal surgery from that weight loss. I have gone from lowering my weight to watching weight gain from muscle growth! After I quit training one on one with Kyle he still stayed in contact with me. At anytime I can call or text him to ask about nutrition or making a new move with training. This man has shown me the world of exercise and now I’m addicted! I crave the gym and my next work out. When it comes to learning, he is your man! He will teach you anything you ask.



New york

I first began training with Kyle Blandford in my sophomore year of high school. I was never much of a workout person outside of football, but I was told that if I wanted to earn a varsity spot I needed to put on 25 pounds by next season. Sure, enough with Kyle’s personal training and nutritional plan, I put on 25+ pounds of solid, muscular weight. In addition to the mass I had gained, I became much stronger physically and more educated as to how to lift properly. I can out lift almost anyone on my Varsity football team and am considered pound for pound the strongest person on my team all thanks to Kyle’s workout regimen.

Kyle will also do a lot more for you than just build muscle on to your frame. A big issue that I had and that I still sometimes struggle with is my nutritional habits. I frequently skip meals and when I do eat it isn’t always the best meal nutritionally. Yet, when I changed positions in football and had to cut weight, Kyle created an individualized plan for me that allowed me to cut weight without losing any of my strength. I was leaner, more sculpted, and continued getting stronger throughout my weight cut. I credit this to the personalized workout and nutritional plan Kyle designed for me.

As a high school athlete, Kyle’s workout and nutritional plan changed me. I am faster, stronger, bigger, and in better shape thanks to Kyle’s workout and nutritional programs. If you’re an athlete who’s trying to take it to the next level, I 100% recommend HypertroFit by Kyle Blandford. Not only will you reach your physical goals, you will exceed them and become a better athlete than you ever imagined.



New york

The photo on the left was taken of me December 2016. The photo on the right in June 2017. I made a solid commitment to myself to become healthy, feel better, and feel better about myself. I had hit an all time low, or shall I say high, when referring to the scale. Everyone and everything else was more important, and had priority. When I got the proof of the picture on the left, I cried, because that just wasn’t me. So, I changed that.

I had a pretty solid knowledge of what to do, and how to do it, BUT, knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I did need help, and guidance, and that was when I came to know Kyle Blandford. With his knowledge and support, I am down almost 40 lbs. I am even more proud of the body fat % loss of over 10%. Kyle wrote me out a solid, comprehensive plan that worked for my body type and needs. I will be the first to tell you 2 things: I worked for this, and I WANTED this. It did not come easy. However, there is nothing that would have been better, felt better, or been more valuable than working for it. Kyle’s support and knowledge certainly was the missing piece to get me to this point, beyond, and for a lifetime commitment. Kyle will not do it for you. You have to do it. When you are ready, really ready, you could not have a better resource and person to have on your side than Kyle. He will teach you, and show you how to make your goals achievable.

I don’t close the bar - I open the gym! ☺

Thank you for everything Kyle. I am so grateful!



New york

After years of working with a number of personal trainers, each leaving me disappointed with my workout, I gave up on personal training. The only reason I gave Kyle a chance was because a friend gave me 12 prepaid training sessions, which were not going to cost me anything. I never imagined that I would still be working with Kyle two years later.

Kyle and I discuss my personal goals and worked together to develop a training plan. This includes one-on-one training, a gym program, and things I can do at home when I cannot make it to the gym. Kyle was able to adapt my workout around a broken ankle and an injured shoulder, allowing my training to continue while giving these injuries time to heal.

As a paraplegic, strength training is vital to my everyday functioning. Working with Kyle has helped me progress towards increased levels of independence, function, and safety. I am more willing to put myself in new situations and to try new things. Where other personal trainers underestimated my abilities due to my physical limitations as a paraplegic, Kyle has pushed me to my limits and helped me see beyond them.


New york

I can't help to think back from time to time about my life before I had a personal trainer. I was an average size woman that could not run a quarter of a mile or do a single pull-up. I tried 3 personal trainers before I was introduced to Kyle Blandford. Since I had not had any luck with the previous trainers I wasn't holding out much hope for this new guy. I am proud to say that after our very first session I tossed out any preconceived notions I had about personal trainers. I explained to Kyle my various goals and gave him a very accurate picture of the kind of shape I wanted to be in.

Kyle never let me feel that my goals weren't obtainable even if I shared my own doubts out loud during training. In the weeks and months to come I would begin to see just how good of a trainer Kyle is. Not only had I lost weight, I was the strongest I had ever been in my life. In November of 2016 I ran my first 1/2 marathon. I can honestly say this would have never happened without the knowledge, encouragement, dedication and training from Kyle. To boot, I can now do countless push-ups along with 10 unassisted pull-ups. The confidence I have now is priceless - thank you from the bottom of my heart!