Pectus Warriors: Foundation

Foundation Program

This program is designed to help you maximize muscle growth and improve your overall appearance with Pectus Excavatum. The foundation of this program is built on the principle of performing twice as many pulling exercises as pushing exercises each week (back vs chest). This will help to improve your posture and allow your entire body to grow without making the hole in your chest look worse, which can happen if your upper body training is not properly balanced.

8 Week Training Program

For the next 8 weeks you will work through a 5 day per week (or 4) training program that will help build your training foundation. 

Split: Back/Bis, Legs, Chest/Tris, Off, Back/Hamstrings, Shoulders/Accessories, Off

We will focus heavily on compound movements (Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press) working to get stronger on each of these. The purpose of every workout is to stress the targeted muscle group to the max, while conditioning your body to get stronger. 

Exercise volume will increase over time until it peaks in week 8, where we will test your strength. After peak week, we recommend a week long de-load (lighter or no training) to prepare your body for the next round of training. This plan can then be repeated as is or accessory movements with a similar movement pattern can be swapped in to keep things fresh.

Pectus Warriors: Foundation Program


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