Pectus Programs

Here are the best options we have to help with Pectus Excavatum. 

If you are not having surgery or already had it years ago, your best option would be the Pectus Warriors Foundation Program. This 5 day per week program is designed to maximize muscle growth while improving posture, taking into account the unique physical characteristics of a person with PE.

If you are planning to have surgery or just had it done, the Pectus Warriors Nuss Procedure Program is perfect for you. It includes up to 15 months of training programming (3 months pre-op and 12 months post-op). This can be done in a gym or at home and you will have access to all variations.

Should you be looking for something a bit more tailored to your specific goal we can discuss our custom training and nutrition options which we can design for any goal you’d like. 

Pectus Warriors Program:


Foundation Program (Non-Surgery Route)

This program is designed to help you maximize muscle growth and improve your overall appearance with Pectus Excavatum. The foundation of this program is built on the principle of performing twice as many pulling exercises as pushing exercises each week (back vs chest). This will help to improve your posture and allow your entire body to grow without making the hole in your chest look worse, which can happen if your upper body training is not properly balanced.

  • Requires access to a gym or otherwise fully equipped training facility

What's Included:

Pectus Warriors Program:

Nuss Procedure

Nuss Procedure Prep and Recovery Program

This program will guide you through 9+ months of training, nutrition, mobility, and mindfulness for the Nuss procedure. Whether you are getting prepared for surgery in the coming months, just had surgery a week ago, or had surgery 3+ months ago, you will be able to jump into the program and begin reaping the benefits. 

  • No access to a gym? No problem, we have a version of the program built specifically for working out at home with minimal equipment (only resistance bands are needed).

What's Included:

Platinum Tier

Training & Nutrition Coaching

$270 – $300 per month (3 – month minimum)

The Platinum Tier Training & Nutrition Coaching is our most popular offering, bringing together everything from the Gold Tier plus a custom-built training program. Fellow home gym owner? Check out the accommodations we make for your program. We will work together to build your program around your goal, schedule, equipment access, lifestyle, and food preferences. I will be checking in with you each weekend to assess your progress and update your program. You will also have access to the two video coaching calls each week (Thursdays and Saturdays) to discuss anything you’d like with me. You will need to book a consultation if you are interested in starting this or learning more (watch the video above if you haven’t already). You can find other custom coaching options here.


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