Online Coaching


Training & Nutrition Program

Harness the power of body composition manipulation on a whim. Build brutal, bar-bending strength. Develop power, explosiveness, and freaky athleticism. See for yourself what it means to be a part of Team Hype.

  • Initial assessment of training methods, nutritional habits, and goal setting

  • Custom Training, Nutrition, and Supplementation program

  • Weekly check-ins and program updates

  • Video demonstration of all exercises

  • Meal Plan, Food Library, and Diet Log

  • Biometric Tracking, 1- Rep Max Calculator


Nutrition Coaching

Learn exactly what matters, what foods to eat, when to eat them, and how to account for the variables that will truly make the difference in your physique. No fads, no gimmicks, just tried and true methods that will sculpt the body you desire.

  • Customized, macro-based meal-by-meal plan specifically designed around your goals

  • Supplement protocol and strategies

  • Weekly check-ins and program updates

  • Food Library, Diet Log, and Biometric Tracking


Pectus Warriors – Online Course

This course will guide you through 9 months of training, nutrition, mobility, and mindfulness starting in any phase of the Pectus journey you may be in (pre-op, post-op months 1-3, post-op months 4+).

  • Customizable strength training program, 9 months in duration, designed to greatly increase overall strength, stability, and preparedness for surgery and recovery.

  • Training program is delivered in three tiers of difficulty: At-Home Training, Beginner Weight Training, and Advanced Weight Training. You will have access to all three tiers each month. Programs are delivered one month at a time.

  • Nutrition program designed around maintaining lean body mass, building muscle, and increasing strength, with special considerations for the post-op phase. Macronutrient targets, recommended food sources and supplements. Resources to adjust your nutrition for any body composition or performance goal.

  • Warm-up, cooldown, and mobility routine

  • Mindfulness meditation practice

  • Private Pectus Warriors Facebook group access for continued learning, Q&A, and contact with Kyle and other Pectus Warriors!

  • Accountability to achieve your goals and build you up stronger than ever before.


Personal Training

More of the hands-on type and looking to really hone in on the details of your training? Come train with me in-person out of Trilogy Fitness Systems in Oakley (Cincinnati, OH).


  • One-on-one, partner, and group training formats

  • Individualized, Goal-Specific Training and Nutrition Program with access to all online program resources listed above

  • Contact for more details